GetMyMoola is a website that connects you with a certified debt collector in order for you to be able to collect money that is owed to you.


Whether you are an ordinary individual or large organisation, our Debt Collectors will assist you to apply civil litigation steps guided by both the National Credit Act and the Magistrate Court's Act in collecting your debt.


Debt Criteria: Debt over R 12 000 for individuals and Debt from R0 for businesses. Debts under R 12 000 for individuals fall under the Small Claims Act. Debt Collector Assistance is not required.

What is a Certified Debt Collector?

A Certified Debt Collector is an individual or a business that is certified and licensed by the Council for Debt Collectors (CFDC) in order to carry out debt collection services on behalf of clients. No one is allowed to carry out such services, by law, unless they are certified and licensed by the CFDC.


All of our debt collectors are certified and licensed. They carry CFDC cards with their certification and license number.

How Does a Certified Debt Collector Help You?


Certified Debt Collectors implement the civil litigation procedure on your behalf, which could be complex in that it requires knowledge of the National Credit Act and the Magistrates Court Act.


In a nutshell, these are the steps they take:


1. The collect evidence regarding the existence of the debt.

2. They send a Letter of Demand to the debtor. The debtor will have 14 days to reply.

3. Should a debtor respond, they prepare a section 57 document where a payment arrangement is made. Should the debtor fail to respond, they send summons. The debtor will have 15 days to respond.

4. Should the debtor respond, a section 57 document is prepared where a payment arrangement will be made. Should he respond by stating that he wants to dispute the debt, they help you to prepare for litigation (court case). Should the debtor not respond at all, they apply for default judgement on your behalf. They obtain court orders for the assets of the debtor to seized and auctioned. They also appoint a sheriff of the court on your behalf.

Why Are The Services Free?


The Debt Collection Act is very clear that Certified Debt Collectors should not charge their clients for the services that they provide. However, they can charge the debtor for their services at 10% of the debt.


For instance, if a debtor owes you R 13 000, the Debt Collector will demand R 13 000 which is the principal debt plus R 1 300 which is the collection fee from the debtor. A total of R 14 300 will be demanded from the debtor. This is outlined by the act. You will then receive R 13 000 once your debt has been successfully collected and the debt collector will keep R 1 300.

Need to collect a debt?
Get free debt collection services today from licensed and registered debt collectors in Gauteng!
No costs. No upfront fees.
Individuals looking to claim money related to defamation of character, emotional distress and similar issues.

Using a lawyer versus using a certified debt Collector


A lot of people go to lawyers when they need to collect a debt. This could be costly due to the fact that the lawyer will charge you a consultation fee for that initial meeting and any other meeting afterwards. They will also charge you to prepare letters, summons and obtaining court orders.


Debt Collectors may not charge you for anything as it is against the law. Their meetings are free. Preparation of letters and other court applications is free. They collect costs from the debtor and not the client.


In many instances, you can recover the legal costs paid to lawyers if you win the case, but those upfront fees required may make it difficult for you to start the debt collection process. By using a certified debt collector, you can start immediately as you do not need to budget or wait for month end because there are no up-front fees required.

Individuals or businesses looking to recover money for services rendered.
Individuals or businesses looking to recover money owed by another individual or business.
Lenders looking to recover money from debtors who have defaulted.