About Us

Growth Peak was founded by Sibusiso Nkosi, a corporate transformation expert with over 15 years experience in the field. Before launching this enterprise in 2020, he was involved in working with different corporations to ensure that they can transform their workforce and supply chains. This includes JSE listed companies.

He was involved in several small business development interventions as well as skills development initiatives to ensure that transformation takes place withing corporate South Africa.

During the course of his career he became recognised as a Thought Leader and an activist for transformation. He made several media appearances and spoke in conferences around the country. In 2020 after reaching an executive position and the highest level of his career in the industry at age 35, he left the working world and launched Growth Peak. He became a certified Educator in Entrepreneurship and a Certified Career Coach.

Since then, the business has managed to grow both its career coaching and business coaching divisions and has been involved in many projects. This includes coaching small businesses in other African countries and several mining communities. The company has also established solid individual clients for career coaching ranging from graduates to executives.