It is time to earn some respect in your sector! When your status increases in your industry, so do opportunities, whether you are a professional or entrepreneur.

It has been proven that when you get featured in media, you start to get taken seriously. Your status elevates and you start to be seen as an industry expert. For entrepreneurs, your business booms. For professionals, your career trajectory accelerates. However, it is not easy to get a media feature, right? That is why we are making it easy for you.

We own two blogs that have high traffic. Check the out at the resources page. Through them, we have created a solution for you to get regular features so that you can earn respect in your sector. We are not just talking about one blog feature. We are talking about a series of blog features that are strategically designed raise curiosity about you and hopefully some enquiries. All we know is, your industry will be aware of you when we are done. Here is a bit of a guide below for you:

Strategy ExampleExampleFeatures and OutcomesBlog
Product/Service Showcase (Entrepreneurs)“Why People in Community A Prefer Your Product
“The Story of Your Product and How It Helped A Client to Save Costs”
Up to 8 Blog Articles (Once A week). Trackable Link to your product page.Entrepreneurship Emporium
View Blog
Skills Showcase (Professionals)“How You Became and Expert in Skill within 2 months.”
“5 Ways You Used Skill to Improve Efficiencies in Her/His Department”
Up to 8 Blog Articles (Once A week). Trackable Link to your professional page.Career
View Blog

We are always beaming with ideas, so we can definitely hook you up with a strategy. You can use the links to share on LinkedIn and screen shots to share on other social media platforms to promote yourself. Show the industry a side of you that they do not know. Contact Us today to discuss your strategy.