Growth Peak Re-brands Its Career Development Website: Here’s What’s New

In 2022, Growth Peak started expanding its career coaching division by creating Career Emporium, a website dedicated to career development. This is after the company made a conscious decision to find a way to support professionals in their growth journey.

While career coaching became popular in 2021 in the business after multiple requests from clients, Growth Peak never owned its own platform until 2022. “We were using platforms such as to reach out to our clients,” said Sibusiso Nkosi, founder of Growth Peak. “We also attracted our clients through LinkedIn, but that never allowed us to build a community that we can support.”

Nkosi explained that the establishment of Career Emporium in 2023 was the beginning of a new vision. “At first, we set up Career Emporium as a booking platform for our career coaching services,” he said. “However, we wanted to build an ecosystem for professionals to get other development services hence the new changes.”

The new Career Emporium website has now expanded its blog, adding new categories. “The previous blog was very limited and less organised,” said Nkosi. “The blog is now the main feature.”

He added that the principle behind the blog remains the same with information as simplified as possible.

Also, the new Career Emporium website provides an opportunity for other professionals in the career development space to list their services for a small amount. Nkosi says that he always believed in creating an ecosystem if impact is to be realised. “Our clients also need therapists, Financial Planners and other professional development practitioners,” he said. “We needed to open up the space for that as a company.”

The new website also has a built-in newsletter where site visitors and clients can get the blog articles sent to them on email after release. Also, there is an option to join the premium newsletter for less than R100 monthly where users can be sent weekly job alerts and small assignments for career development. “I am happy that we have become intentional in supporting professionals in their career growth and we have digitized the career coaching unit,” said Sibusiso Nkosi.

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