Growth Peak Launches Access to Markets Accelerator for Financial Advisors

Growth Peak has launched its 4 week Access to Markets Accelerator Programme for independent Financial Advisors and Planners. The programme aims to connect small practices with professionals in corporate who may need their services.

“Growth Peak has a career blog with 1000 visitors per month who are professionals and they have been asking us to connect them with various services including Financial Planners,” said Sibusiso Nkosi, founder of Growth Peak. “This prompted us to create this accelerator programme.”

He described this accelerator programme as a win-win. “Financial Advisors and Planner will be exposed to their target market and professionals will be exposed to service providers that can help them to grow.”

Growth Peak has been involved in various small business development initiatives since its launch in 2020. Also, founder, Sibusiso Nkosi, is a Certified Educator in Entrepreneurship and has been in transformation for more than 15 years. He has spoken at events such as the manufacturing Indaba, Smart Procurement World, Sun International’s Supplier Day and other small business events. He was also featured in the ESD handbook and did numerous TV interviews on the subject of small business empowerment.

“It was inevitable that Growth Peak would launch its own programme, but the timing had to be right,” said Nkosi. “I wanted something that would have a purpose and this is perfect.”

The 4 week programme includes Digital Marketing and Advertising, Sales Management and Thought Leadership. More details are outlined in the poster below.

To participate, you can book your intro meeting via this link:

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